Thursday, December 9, 2010


So I finally committed to doing this blog. In my head, I have been doing this blog for about two years. I say that because everytime I had a thought I would think to myself, "that would be something I could write about on my blog". Anyway, I am committed! I set this up about a month ago and still didn't write anything. In my obssesive, compulsive, "I want this blog to be perfect" it prevented me from writing the first entry. Just do it, right? Right!

Well, the blog is going to be about, nothing.... well, nothing in particular. Just what I observe and think about things that are going on in my life. If you read, "About Me" you know that I am a "2 1/2 years" in stay at home mom and wife. I'll mostly talk about that, because believe it or not, I am still adjusting. Also, I didn't say too much about me in the "About Me" because I want you to get to know me as I take this journey moving forward.

Thanks for letting me share with you!

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