Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Shakendra T.,

*smile* and *laugh*... Kennie Poo where do I start? Okay, well, we started out as acquaintances and became adult roommates. The time when I really got to know you is when we were both taking classes during the summer at UGA. You asked me to help you with an Econ class, "Money and Banking" which I thought was hilarious because I was trying to get by myself. But after graduating I was talking to Danielle one day and she said you needed a roommate, so I moved in. Thank you for letting me move in with you. When I reflect on that time in my life, it was just what needed to happen. I probably could have stayed with my parents for a while, but moving in with you is what I needed to really grow up. Financially, it was hard, but you were very understanding and helpful. Since we both moved out of the apartment and went our different ways I was reminded of our friendship recently. I came over to pick up my Thirty-One order (which by the way you are my gateway to all things home direct sales!!! I love you for it!) and we hung out like we used to. Catching up on life, talking about those silly boys, doing hair, eating snacks... it was the best. Like so many of us who went to school or grew up together, we may not talk everyday or see each other for a while, but God puts people in our life for a reason. I feel sometimes I have not been a good friend to you and I apologize. But I have no doubt in my mind that you have been a great friend to me. You have a heart of gold and faith that is remarkable. I admire you so much for it. Thank you Ken!


Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear Sandy P.,

I enjoy seeing you when I drop off the Cheerios at school at the church. You always say, "Hello!" and ask how I am doing. That is one of the reasons I enjoy bringing the kids to Allen Temple; everyone is always kind. In addition to that we have had short chats and you have shared with me some of your experiences as a mother. But it wasn't until this past Friday where your message was really taken to heart. This past Friday you spoke at the dinner program for the Faith Walkers/ Breast Cancer Walk participants. You spoke about how we as women should be there for each other and you talked about your own experience of the women of Allen Temple reaching out to help you as it related to your sister-in-law. Little did I know I would experience the same support from the women of Allen Temple as well. After the Breast Walk on Saturday I got a knee injury. I real bad one! But, my friends at Allen Temple were there to help. They helped me get home and situated and have called and texted to reach out to me for anything I would need for the rest of the week. I am always grateful for my mom and mother-in-law when they can help with the Cheerios, but now I feel blessed to know that I have friends at Allen Temple to help as well. Thank you so much for your inspiring message and reminding me what it means to have a church family and a caring community.

Shannon Shaw

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo Collage... I did it for Grandparents' Day 2011

One of the blogs I discovered over the summer was Eighteen 25. I love this blog! If you have known me for a long time you would know that I LOVE Martha Stewart and I am a huge crafter. But after giving birth to the Cheerios I haven't had the time. Slowly I am getting back to doing what I love which is crafting. One day Eighteen 25 posted this craft project, "Circle Punch Photo Collage". I really wanted to try this project and it just so happen that Grandparent's Day was coming up. Now, I have to be honest this occasion has come and gone in the past, but since I wanted to try this craft, the Grands got a nice surprise this year. I didn't use as many pictures and it's not as big as the original that was posted on Eighteen 25, but I am still so pleased how it turned out! Check it out;

I used recent pictures (mostly from the summer) of the Cheerios and converted them to black and white. Printed at Walmart and punched with a 2" circle punch. Pasted circle photos on scrapbooking paper I had at home and fit inside the frame ($3 each at Walmart). Voila!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Maletha S.,

We met at Monster DLP and the rest is history. I met you at the same time I met Marsha. What I remember more than anything is when we were in facilitator training and the training was long. The next thing I knew you were pulling out the snacks. You said you always carry snacks because of your kids. From that moment I was in ahh.... I got to know you and Marsha and you told me about your background, family, and being a mom. I just thought to myself, "This woman really has it togther." Over the years I have gotten to get to know you more and what I have seen and admired about you is that you are strong, you are a leader, and just no nonsense. We both live in the Atlanta area and even though we may not see or talk to each other often, I will always feel I can call you anytime and you would be right there to help. Thanks so much for sharing with me. The Cheerios thank you too... I am a mom who always has snacks!

Hugs and kisses,

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dear Teneka M.,

It has been about a week since you and your family have moved away. I know you are not far, but you are no longer next door and you are dearly missed. I know we didn't talk everyday, however I enjoyed catching up when we would run into each other.  I remember when you came by shortly after Isabel was born and brought a gift. I thought to myself, "Wow, she doesn't really know me but she brought a gift to celebrate our new baby (Cheerio Isabel). What a nice neighbor!" Then we got a chance to talk one afternoon and I discovered we were both embarking on a journey that was new; being a mom and on top of that, being a stay at home mom. We shared our excitements, surprises, concerns, and fears and I appreciate you showing me that I am not alone in my feelings. At that moment I knew not only were you a good neighbor, but a good friend. Another thing I appreciate you for is showing me how to be a good neighbor. I have lived in my house about seven years and before you and your family moved in I didn't consider myself to be neighborly. I think I even mention that to you. I just come and go and keep to myself. But now I know I have the ability to open up and get to know my neighbors. Even though I won't see you next door, I will be seeing you soon. Daily pick up at 2:00pm! Thanks for everything.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Something New... Thanks Summer 2011!

This summer was the best. The Cheerios are growing up so we were able to get out and try new things. Cheerio Isabel did swimming, gymnastics, and ballet, she was great! And Cheerio Alex didn't get to do all those things but was there to watch and observe on the sidelines, with snacks of course. *smile* Oh, and the trips to Disney and Jekyll Island were the icing and cherry on top for a wonderful summer.
Minnie ears! Disney 2011
End of Summer Recital

Gold stickers earned.

Thanks for the support Alex!

 With all that going on I was schedule to teach a class at the Technical College but the class didn't make. I was sad not to earn a little money over the summer, but the Cheerios and I had a blast. My other favorite part was discovering such great blogs over the summer. I visited so many and got great ideas about managing my mommy time with housework, organizing, cooking, and crafting. However, there are a couple of blogs that I find myself checking daily;


 In addition to those; Fly Lady and Becky Higgins. Overall, I have learned so many new and improved things. So, in addition to my "apple picks" I am going to document my journey of being the best I can be with the things I learned from these blogs and others. I hope you join me!