Monday, October 10, 2011

Dear Teneka M.,

It has been about a week since you and your family have moved away. I know you are not far, but you are no longer next door and you are dearly missed. I know we didn't talk everyday, however I enjoyed catching up when we would run into each other.  I remember when you came by shortly after Isabel was born and brought a gift. I thought to myself, "Wow, she doesn't really know me but she brought a gift to celebrate our new baby (Cheerio Isabel). What a nice neighbor!" Then we got a chance to talk one afternoon and I discovered we were both embarking on a journey that was new; being a mom and on top of that, being a stay at home mom. We shared our excitements, surprises, concerns, and fears and I appreciate you showing me that I am not alone in my feelings. At that moment I knew not only were you a good neighbor, but a good friend. Another thing I appreciate you for is showing me how to be a good neighbor. I have lived in my house about seven years and before you and your family moved in I didn't consider myself to be neighborly. I think I even mention that to you. I just come and go and keep to myself. But now I know I have the ability to open up and get to know my neighbors. Even though I won't see you next door, I will be seeing you soon. Daily pick up at 2:00pm! Thanks for everything.


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