Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Maletha S.,

We met at Monster DLP and the rest is history. I met you at the same time I met Marsha. What I remember more than anything is when we were in facilitator training and the training was long. The next thing I knew you were pulling out the snacks. You said you always carry snacks because of your kids. From that moment I was in ahh.... I got to know you and Marsha and you told me about your background, family, and being a mom. I just thought to myself, "This woman really has it togther." Over the years I have gotten to get to know you more and what I have seen and admired about you is that you are strong, you are a leader, and just no nonsense. We both live in the Atlanta area and even though we may not see or talk to each other often, I will always feel I can call you anytime and you would be right there to help. Thanks so much for sharing with me. The Cheerios thank you too... I am a mom who always has snacks!

Hugs and kisses,

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