Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear Sandy P.,

I enjoy seeing you when I drop off the Cheerios at school at the church. You always say, "Hello!" and ask how I am doing. That is one of the reasons I enjoy bringing the kids to Allen Temple; everyone is always kind. In addition to that we have had short chats and you have shared with me some of your experiences as a mother. But it wasn't until this past Friday where your message was really taken to heart. This past Friday you spoke at the dinner program for the Faith Walkers/ Breast Cancer Walk participants. You spoke about how we as women should be there for each other and you talked about your own experience of the women of Allen Temple reaching out to help you as it related to your sister-in-law. Little did I know I would experience the same support from the women of Allen Temple as well. After the Breast Walk on Saturday I got a knee injury. I real bad one! But, my friends at Allen Temple were there to help. They helped me get home and situated and have called and texted to reach out to me for anything I would need for the rest of the week. I am always grateful for my mom and mother-in-law when they can help with the Cheerios, but now I feel blessed to know that I have friends at Allen Temple to help as well. Thank you so much for your inspiring message and reminding me what it means to have a church family and a caring community.

Shannon Shaw

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