Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Something New... Thanks Summer 2011!

This summer was the best. The Cheerios are growing up so we were able to get out and try new things. Cheerio Isabel did swimming, gymnastics, and ballet, she was great! And Cheerio Alex didn't get to do all those things but was there to watch and observe on the sidelines, with snacks of course. *smile* Oh, and the trips to Disney and Jekyll Island were the icing and cherry on top for a wonderful summer.
Minnie ears! Disney 2011
End of Summer Recital

Gold stickers earned.

Thanks for the support Alex!

 With all that going on I was schedule to teach a class at the Technical College but the class didn't make. I was sad not to earn a little money over the summer, but the Cheerios and I had a blast. My other favorite part was discovering such great blogs over the summer. I visited so many and got great ideas about managing my mommy time with housework, organizing, cooking, and crafting. However, there are a couple of blogs that I find myself checking daily;


 In addition to those; Fly Lady and Becky Higgins. Overall, I have learned so many new and improved things. So, in addition to my "apple picks" I am going to document my journey of being the best I can be with the things I learned from these blogs and others. I hope you join me!

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