Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day! Not sure why I was excited about this day... but I was!

A couple of weeks ago when I realized that this was a leap year and February 29 was coming, the hamsters in my heads started turning. Not sure why? I think it all goes back to my goal this year of being "crafty". Like I always do I went to Google to see what was up. What could I get into? So many ideas and so many choices... so what did I do? Well, here is what happened...
Cheerio Izzy woke up at 4:00 AM. Not cool. Mama needs her sleep. Izzy could never get settled in our bed so I finally just got up and started doing some work on the computer while she read stories on the Nook. However, when I don't get good or just adequete sleep, I can't function... AT ALL. I am like a zombie... a brown sugah mama zombie! Cheerios didn't go to school, ballet class was skipped, oh, and Cheerio Izzy didn't go down for a nap until almost Noon! When the house was finally quiet and I began to gain something of myself I got on the computer and found this, Leap Day Time Capsule! Genius! This was it... this is what I was looking for. So I started taking pictures and jotting down notes of what I/ we did today. That means including what I posted on the blog today. *smile*
Here is a sampling:
 - Breakfast - We all had mixed fruit, yogurt and grilled cheese for breakfast.
 - Of course I jotted down what happened at 4am this morning.
 - How we played hookie from everything today.
 - Made cake pops... basketballs and cocktails. I took pics...
 - Lunch - Chicken Parmesean pizza... hated it! So we had old faithful... PB & J. ( I had left over "Taco   Nachos")
 - Received a fantastic "Thank you" card from my Auntie Irene for the cake pops I sent her.
 - Dinner - I didn't feel like cooking, so Chick-fil-A... - Shampoo and blow dry Cheerio Izzy's hair.
 - Saw a friend I used to work with on Modern Family.

So even though it didn't seem like when I woke up this morning I would "leap" into something adventurous, it was a day I got to spend time with the girls, make cake pops, and live to tell about it.... and save it all in my time capsule.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012 is here...

Happy New Year Ya'll! LOL! I am so late, I know but so much has happened in the last couple of months. Even if I thought about blogging, I didn't know where to start. Any case, the last couple of months I was reminded that life is short and precious. People I love dearly had devasting losses in their lives. A mother, a child, a grandmother, and a childhood friend. My prayers continue to go out to my good, good friends for strength and peace.
As I look out and see 2012 on the horizon I am seeing good things... positive things. I know people go back and forth about doing New Years resolutions, but I look at them as goals and having goals are not bad. Like Marths says, "It's a good thing." Here are a couple of mine;

1. Get crafty again. - I think so far, so good. Cake pops are getting my creative juices flowing. If you are Facebook friends with me, you see that I am uploading pictures all the time. Yeah, I love those cake pops!

2. Lose the baby weight (4 years later!!!) - Yeah, this is on-going battle, but I am trying. I have good days and days I slip. But my goal is to eat healthy 21 days straight, then it becomes a habit!

3. Renew my faith.

4. Write on my blog!!!!

5. Give gratitude everyday.

Well, we will see how it goes. It always makes me feel good to share on this blog and I hope you continue to take this journey with me. Apple picks coming soon, I promise! Happy 2012! And Happy Valentine's Day!