Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day! Not sure why I was excited about this day... but I was!

A couple of weeks ago when I realized that this was a leap year and February 29 was coming, the hamsters in my heads started turning. Not sure why? I think it all goes back to my goal this year of being "crafty". Like I always do I went to Google to see what was up. What could I get into? So many ideas and so many choices... so what did I do? Well, here is what happened...
Cheerio Izzy woke up at 4:00 AM. Not cool. Mama needs her sleep. Izzy could never get settled in our bed so I finally just got up and started doing some work on the computer while she read stories on the Nook. However, when I don't get good or just adequete sleep, I can't function... AT ALL. I am like a zombie... a brown sugah mama zombie! Cheerios didn't go to school, ballet class was skipped, oh, and Cheerio Izzy didn't go down for a nap until almost Noon! When the house was finally quiet and I began to gain something of myself I got on the computer and found this, Leap Day Time Capsule! Genius! This was it... this is what I was looking for. So I started taking pictures and jotting down notes of what I/ we did today. That means including what I posted on the blog today. *smile*
Here is a sampling:
 - Breakfast - We all had mixed fruit, yogurt and grilled cheese for breakfast.
 - Of course I jotted down what happened at 4am this morning.
 - How we played hookie from everything today.
 - Made cake pops... basketballs and cocktails. I took pics...
 - Lunch - Chicken Parmesean pizza... hated it! So we had old faithful... PB & J. ( I had left over "Taco   Nachos")
 - Received a fantastic "Thank you" card from my Auntie Irene for the cake pops I sent her.
 - Dinner - I didn't feel like cooking, so Chick-fil-A... - Shampoo and blow dry Cheerio Izzy's hair.
 - Saw a friend I used to work with on Modern Family.

So even though it didn't seem like when I woke up this morning I would "leap" into something adventurous, it was a day I got to spend time with the girls, make cake pops, and live to tell about it.... and save it all in my time capsule.

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