Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Shakendra T.,

*smile* and *laugh*... Kennie Poo where do I start? Okay, well, we started out as acquaintances and became adult roommates. The time when I really got to know you is when we were both taking classes during the summer at UGA. You asked me to help you with an Econ class, "Money and Banking" which I thought was hilarious because I was trying to get by myself. But after graduating I was talking to Danielle one day and she said you needed a roommate, so I moved in. Thank you for letting me move in with you. When I reflect on that time in my life, it was just what needed to happen. I probably could have stayed with my parents for a while, but moving in with you is what I needed to really grow up. Financially, it was hard, but you were very understanding and helpful. Since we both moved out of the apartment and went our different ways I was reminded of our friendship recently. I came over to pick up my Thirty-One order (which by the way you are my gateway to all things home direct sales!!! I love you for it!) and we hung out like we used to. Catching up on life, talking about those silly boys, doing hair, eating snacks... it was the best. Like so many of us who went to school or grew up together, we may not talk everyday or see each other for a while, but God puts people in our life for a reason. I feel sometimes I have not been a good friend to you and I apologize. But I have no doubt in my mind that you have been a great friend to me. You have a heart of gold and faith that is remarkable. I admire you so much for it. Thank you Ken!


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