Friday, June 20, 2014

Two years later... 40 before 40 list UPDATE!

Just by chance I logged on to take a look at my blog. It was nice scrolling through reading my posts. Then I came across my "40 before 40" post. I looked at the date and realized that it was been almost exactly two years since I created and posted the list (the original post was posted June 15, 2012). You can see the post here.

Since then so much has happened. Me and some of my close girlfriends have created our own page on Facebook (don't try to find us, it's secret!) As much as I would love to share our accomplishments of our "do or die" movement, we have decided to keep it intimate. Just the fact that I have some wonderful women supporting me on this journey and I get to support them has been awesome. It is so cool that when we accomplish something on our list we get to report it on our page. How cool is that, right?

But since it's the two-year anniversary of when I posted the list first on my blog, I wanted to give an update so here it is;

40 before FORTY!

1. Go to the Hamptons and/ or Martha’s Vineyard

2. Run a half marathon

3. Drive across from coast to coast in a RV (or maybe just anywhere in a RV)

4. Brazilian wax - 3/21/14; On my birthday I was out running errands on a whim I stopped at a place I drive by all the time. It was an experience indeed. But I truly felt liberated in some way when I did it. About to go back and do it again! LOL!

5. Go to Paris

6. Lose 60 lbs per Dr.’s orders. (not kidding about this one!) - UPDATE - I got a personal trainer back in December. Joselyn at Lifetime Fitness is the best! I ended my training in March and I haven't been back. :(  I have a hard time prioritizing myself. I put myself last every time. I will keep you posted!

7. Go ziplining

8. Visit the Statue of Liberty, go to the top and sing the theme song from the movie, “Working Girl”. “Let the River Run” by Carly Simon

9. Meet Martha Stewart

10. Blog for 365 days ( hopefully consecutively)  - Maybe this post is a jump start?

11. Set up website for Izzy Pops, Custom Cake Pops - Honestly, I am not sure about this one. I don't have the passion for making cake pops like I used to. It's just part of the many commitment issues I have.

12. Organize my home as if it was being featured in somebody’s magazine

13. Go to Seattle, WA

14. Make beef wellington

15. Go to Hawaii (trip planned for 2012, yay!) DONE, 12/2012. Ben and I went for our 10 year anniversary. it was fantastic! Next time I just need to stay longer.

16. Plant and grow tomatoes

17. Visit and stay at a Bed and Breakfast

18. Participate in a flash mob

19. Finish my first “Project Life” scrapbook. (started in 2010!)

20. Go back to Mirival Resort and Spa

21. Take a tour of the White House

22. Visit the Musee du Louvre

23. Be a contestant on Jeopardy

24. Go to “The View”

25. Read a classic novel (like the ones they used to make you read in high school English class) - UPDATE, I started reading the "The Great Gatsby". The push was to read the book before watching Leonardo DiCaprio woo me in the version he plays in. I gave in and watched the movie. In fact, it's on rotation on the cable channels and I watch it every time I see it. Now my mom has the book.

26. Write a memoir

27. Learn how to roller skate (AGAIN!) - I took the Cheerios to a skate party and that is the closest I have gotten. I'll fight through the fear.

28. Go to the Kentucky Derby (well, maybe just a party so I can wear a big hat!)

29. Have a Pinterest party

30. Make and sew an outfit for the Cheerios

31. Learn how to knit

32. Make cake pops and send them to someone famous

33. Find a job (full time) which I can do from home (and let’s hope I enjoy it!) - I am crossing this off my list because as far as I am concerned being a stay at home mom IS a full time job. I do it from home, the car, and school! Do I enjoy it.. Yes!

34. Do an exercise routine for 21 consecutive days ( I learned that if you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit)

35. Organize my junk drawer (starting small!) I did do this and I wrote down the date of completion. But guess what? Just like the name implies it's junky again!

36. Have lunch with my girlfriends (near and far) at least once during a calendar year.

37. Bake an apple pie completely from scratch. (This would include the pie crust as well.)

38. Have a birthday party. (The last one I had is when I turned 21! It was amazing!)

39. Win the lottery

40. Make a quilt (or finish the one I started over 15 years ago!)
 I was 36 years old when I created my list. Two years behind me and I have two more years to complete more on my list. Wish me luck!! 

P.S. This post is dedicated to Dani. She knows why. :)

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