Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dear Grandma Agnes,

It was so nice seeing you today. You were beautiful! Honestly, I don't think I ever remember seeing you in purple, no lavender, but you looked regal, just wonderful. I am so grateful to speak to you and tell you thank you and I love you before you left. Today I was reminded of so many things;
 - cooking - I learned so much from you. Sometimes it wasn't even directly, at times it would be through my mother. She would say, "Your Grandma Agnes told me like this, or do it like this..." Ben said that's why he wanted to marry me. I can cook!
 - my 1st designer bag - I was nine and you bought me my 1st Gucci purse. I still have it. Now, more than ever, I will always have it. It's vintage.
 - my 1st car - you told me you thought I would always look cute in a pick up truck. So when it was time to buy my first car, "Sweet Pea", that is what I bought. "Sweet Pea" was long and green like a pea pod. I loved that truck. Thanks for helping me with the down payment.
 - indulging Ron-Ron and I by literally taping music videos from BET because BET wasn't part of our cable package at that time. Now, that's a grandmama!
 - sweet peppermint kisses
 - unconditional love
But what I am most grateful is that you got to see the Cheerios, Isabel and Alex, before you left. What a blessing for children to see their Great-Grandmother. They may not remember when they get older, but I know they will have the memory in their hearts forever.
I love you and I will miss you,

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