Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dear Andrea B.,

Hey girl! When I think about how long we have known each other it truly blows my mind. Since 2003, right? I think I am amazed because we don't talk everyday, but I know I could call you right now and we would pick up where we left off. I love that about us. I actually noticed you before I even met you. At the bookstore at Georgia Perimeter College. I noticed you because of your hair of course. I thought, "what a cute haircut!" Then I met you in my accounting class. Which by the way, did I ever thank you for helping me pass that class? Seriously, I wouldn't have gotten through that class without you. You would think Ben would have helped, but frankly, he is not a good teacher, but you are. I remember all of our conversations and how true and honest they were and still are. I used to think to myself, she gets me, Andrea gets me. I love your sense of style (thanks for turning me on to my favorite BR pink, suede, riding slippers!) And I believe you are a wonderful mother. Thanks for always believing in me and supporting me in all I do. You are the best Andrea!


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