Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear Tera M.,

Carrots!!!! What can I say? I honestly did not see this friendship coming my way, but it did, and I am so glad and delighted! I remember seeing you on my first day at KMHS; it was the new teacher orientation. We didn't talk... but it wasn't until a scandal broke out at the school that we started really communicating like everyday! You would let me come into your room and give you all the dish, LOL! That whole thing was bananas! That was our first year there and we have been friends ever since. Then I think the next year we were named, "Peas and Carrots" because we were always seen together. Does anyone ever notice that we call each other "peas and carrots"? Well, even though I left teaching going on three years now, I am so, so happy that we became friends and talk very often. I adore all of your talents! Literally, I can call you and ask you a cooking question and you ALWAYS have an answer. I love how you are so open and honest. You have shared personal experiences with me that has been priceless and you have listened to me and my issues without judgement, thank you! I look forward as we continue to be friends and be new mommies. You are the best Carrots!


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