Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Marsha P.,

My dear friend Marsha. I am so glad I made your acquaintance. We met at DLP, my first weekend actually in Athens, Ga. Six, Seven, Eight!!!! I met your husband Leslie before I met you and when he told me about you I knew I was going to fall in love.  What I have treasured the most about our friendship is how when we were active in DLP we didn't see each other until the summer months. But when we saw each other during the DLP weekends we didn't skip a beat. It was like we had never left each other from the previous summer. I think that is amazing because back then we weren't even doing the Facebook thing... LOL! Then, I stayed a weekend in Arkansas with you and Leslie and I had so much fun! Thanks so much for being such a great host. It's very few times that I meet someone who means what they say and say what they mean, and you truly do. In fact, I love how you actually say things that I am thinking. One day we were talking and you said, "Can I be authentic with you?" And then you made this statement about yourself that was so honest and real. I have to tell you Marsha, it was so refreshing because I often feel the exact same way, but never have the guts to be real and say it out loud. But you did... thank you so much! I know we won't talk everyday or every other day, but I know when we speak, it will be right where we left off. Thanks so much for being my very authentic friend and supporting everything I do.


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