Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear Billy R.,

I know by the time I left KMHS we were not on speaking terms. Literally, there would be no one in the hallway but us and you and I wouldn't speak to each other. At the time I thought, it is what it is, but looking back, before I left, I should have at a minimum said, "Thank you."
You had lots of faith in me when I started at the school and I appreciate the confidence. My first year teaching was hard and stressful, but I was always able to come into your office and speak to you about anything and everything. And I can't thank you enough for helping me out for the "cuss'em out coach incident". Anyway, believe it or not by the time I left I still believed in your philosophy of "serving our customers" which were the students. That is the one thing I always admired, how you had such a passion for what you did. Nevertheless, I think we let school shananigans, egos, and gossip cloud our judgement about one another. There is probably a slim chance that we would ever cross paths again, but I hope that if we do we could smile at each other and say, " Hi."

Best regards,

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