Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear Ex-Boyfriends,

Yeah, even though we are no more, you have all contributed to my life some how...Some of the experiences have been good, some bad, but I believe those experiences I have truly learned from. I definitely know that I loved you all at one point in my life, but also there is no love lost. I remember for the longest time I thought that I needed you all, like I really thought at some point with some of you I thought I would die without you. But there was a time in my life I learned to live without you. I remember exactly when it was... around my early twenties, I had just graduated college and I just come out of a complicated relationship. I looked at myself and decided that I would let no man define me anymore. At that point, I took myself out. I/we went on dates to the mall, movies, and out to dinner. Yes, I would sit in a restaurant on my own, order food, people watch, and pay the check. It felt good! Shortly after "dating" myself, I met my husband, but at that point I really built the confidence I needed to move on as a young woman.
Thanks for the memories fellas! I will use these experiences and share with my cheerios that it's nice to hang out with someone special that they like, but it means more to invest in the person who they sleep, eat and look at everyday in the mirror everyday that they love, themselves.

Best wishes to you all...
Shay-Shay, Winterfresh, Shay, Shan, Legend, B-Shake, Michelle...now, just Shannon!

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