Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear Camille M.,

The fact that I have known you since 3rd grade is amazing to me. We first met 3rd grade, Mr. Verner's class, Peachtree Elementary. I had just moved here from Birmingham, AL. You showed me where the restroom was and it seemed as though from there we became friends. I appreciate so much how you were nice to me; you and your family. You invited me over and you introduced me to the Monkeys and pepperoni and mushroom pizza! Thank you so much for making me feel welcome in a new and very different place from where I had come from. I really feel that you made the transition easier to handle at school. Over the years we grew apart, but I am glad we were able to connect once in college to catch up and then again now on Facebook. When I look back on our relationship I can't thank you enough for befriending me at that time. I believe things could have been challenging, but you really made things nice and welcoming. Thanks so much!


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