Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear Wanda J.,

Gosh... where do I start Wanda?! Well, it was so nice to see a "familiar" face at the "Hump" when I started there, what was it, ten years ago!? Wow, this is the first time I actaully thought about how long we have known each other. You have seen me grow from being a single female, to a married chick, to someone's mama... can you believe it!? What I have enjoyed most about our friendship/ relationship is you being so candid and honest about your experiences. I have really learned a lot from you, you have no idea. I can't thank you enough. Also, thanks so much for always having your door open when I had to vent about ANYTHING. But this is when I knew you were good people and had to stay in my life forever. Remember this....When Ben and I were dating, I talked Ben into taking a trip to Miami to catch a cruise. We had no reservation on this ship, but I had heard (yeah, this is crazy) that you could do a "walk-up" reservation. Not true! Long story short we made the best of the trip and caught another ship to the Bahamas and then back to Fort Lauderdale. However, there was a delay with the ship coming back to Florida which meant we would be stranded and miss our flight back to Atlanta. I can't remember exactly how I got you on the phone, but I did and you in turn called your EX, yes, ex-husband to come and get us and drive us to the airport so we could catch our flight. I still can't believe it! Days and weeks will go by and then you will call to check up on me; I appreciate you thinking of me. Thanks for being like a mom and a sister at times, but most of all a friend all the time, right on time.


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