Friday, March 11, 2011

Dear Vendon,

Haha... The apple picks have been timely! It's like shaking an eight ball! Anyway, before I start my thank you to you I need to thank Lisa for leading me to you. (I will tell that story when I pick Lisa from the apple). But it's the truth. When we meet at the New York DLP (2005 I think), even though I had worked DLP the year before, I still didn't really know anyone. I was trying to hang with Freda, but she was mad busy. Well, I decided I needed to break out my shell and meet people. So I walked up to you and said, "I am trying something new, something I learned from my friend Lisa. She said she likes to meet at least one new person in situations like this. My name is Shannon Shaw." Well, I am glad I did because I gained such a great friend. I believe a friend for life. What I remember most about all the talks we have had it was about kids. Having kids, raising kids. And then you asked me why I didn't have any kids. I remember giving you all of these excuses... because of this, because of that... but you still would ask the question, why don't I have any kids? You told me, Shannon, all what you are worried about doesn't matter, because if you want kids and you have them, it just works out. Even before I was a mother  you thought I would be a great mother. I appreciate the confidence you had in me for this role because it has truly been the best role I have had my whole life. You made me laugh, you made me laugh until I cried with your stories and experiences. Thanks so much for sharing with me. I knew this is what I wanted, but thanks for the push.

DLP Love,


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