Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear Greg L.,

Like so many that I met at DLP, thank you for sharing your talents and experiences with me. I remember when we met at my first ever DLP weekend. It was at the University of Georgia, which I thought at the time would be comfortable for me because that is where I went to school. But as soon as I showed up I couldn't help but feel like a fish out of water. But you and Leslie made me feel so welcome and got me (and others) prepared for an experience of a lifetime. From then on I will never forget your "basketball" analogies, pep talks, ans what it means to work in a team; seeing you work with the students was amazing! But the one moment I will never forget about you is in Chicago. I think it was still my first year with DLP... but it was the last DLP weekend of the summer, the last day of the DLP weekend, Sunday. The students were doing a networking activity and somehow the facilitators, trainers, all of us got in this circle. And in the circle we were all taking turns sharing, "our story". But I remember your wife Lisa saying the most endearing things that I have ever heard a wife say to her husband. I can't remember the exact words, but I know she said something about how she appreciates how your working with DLP made you a better you. And I knew exactly what she was talking about because the experience I had working with you and everyone else at DLP made me a better me. Thanks again!

P-DUB for life!

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