Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thank you, Part Two... "The Process"

So after I made my post yesterday and put out the challenge to myself, I got so excited. Like excited the night before Christmas but also excited like, "Are the kids going to think I am a crazy teacher" on the first day of school? At any rate, excited and anxious. Then I started thinking, how am I going to do this? Who be the first I will thank? The names started racing through my head... family, friends, people I have met once or twice, do I write a gratitude note to people I don't care for? Hmmm..... Should there be an order? Like I said, my mind was and still is racing. This is my solution...turn to the APPLE! (in the spirit of that Microsoft commercial, "turn to the Cloud!") I have this Longaberger apple basket container. Side Note: I love APPLES! The smell, the look, taste, apples are my thing! Anyway, I have decided to start to write names on slips of paper, fold the slip, and toss into the APPLE. I like this method because I have made the decision to write a note to this person, but also I don't have to fret over the order of when I write it. I like the mystery... Who will I write to today? I turn to the APPLE, lift the lid and pick a slip! Who is it?...

We will see soon!

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