Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thank you!

Gratitude has been on my mind for almost 3 years now. Let me explain... I pray, I say, "Thank you" when something is done for me, I thank people for gifts, etc. But what has been on mind for the last couple of years is making sure I give thanks or express gratitude to the people I have relationships with in my life. Around the time Cheerio Isabel was born, I started writing "thank you's" to random people in my life. The old fashion way, take out my stationary, write my note, put it in the mail. The people who received one really appreciated it and the best part, it made me feel great! Especially at a time in my life when everything seemed to be killing my spirit on the inside. At any rate, as much as I love stationary and the whole idea of sending a note to friends, in "Shannon" fashion, I didn't maintain it like I should or rather like I wanted to. So now about 3 years later I find myself reflecting again... Today is March1, start of my birthday month. I'll be 35 years old and now more than ever showing my gratitude (or lack thereof) is really weighing on my heart.
So I am starting the challenge once again, but I thought this time I would go a little more public. Maybe that way I would stick with it because people are "watching". Here is what I want, I am going to write a thank you to someone in my life right here! First names only... If you see in my status on Facebook, "Dear You (your name)", if you get some time, switch over to this blog and read my gratitude to you for making an impact in my life. Doesn't matter how big or small the impact was/ is, I just wanted to say, "Thanks!"

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