Friday, March 11, 2011

"Inside Job"

The other night I watched this movie called, "Inside Job". It's a documentary by Charles Ferguson. When I tell you it's mind blowing and it has to be the scariest movie I have ever seen. Scarier than Freddy, Jason, or even whatever freak wants to put on the "Scream" mask. In a nutshell, the movie is about the financial crisis that happened in September 2008 and everything leading up to that point. Remember when we had to bail out the banks, yeah, that.
If anyone didn't know, I earned a B.A. in Economics. Honestly, I didn't really take the major seriously like others in my classes. Many of them were pretty hard core and had big ambitious aspirations. Me, I just thought it was interesting and I did pretty well in courses (after I got accepted back in school, yeah, that's another story).
Even if you don't have an interest in economics or anything financial, I urge you still to watch this movie. The subject of what the movie is about effects all of us in so many ways. Well, this is my perspective about some things about the movie;

1. It was a nice "refresher" of what I learned in my econ classes, but not boring. I loved the visuals, definitions, abbrevation break downs... The film just really broke everything down to where ANYBODY could understand. Like for real, "Financial Crisis for Dummies". But I didn't feel like a dummy watching.

2. Matt Damon narrating was NICE! Such a soothing but serious voice.

3. This stuff did not happen overnight. This mess started when I was about 5 under Reagan. And even back then I am sure people were spitting out that line, "We want to make a better America for our children..." Yeah, thanks 1980's!

4. Whether you are democrat, republican, independent... doesn't matter. Every administration since Reagan has contributed in some way in this mess. My main man Clinton and even my beloved Obama. SMH!

5. One thing the film highlighted that I never thought about... these crooks and criminals are being groomed in the finest institutions in the World! Harvard, Columbia, Northwestern... see the fine professors at these institutions are being paid (compensated in various ways) by the big players of Wall Street, Investment firms, Credit banks, and Insurance companies to regurgitate a whack philosophy of "deregulation".

6. During the movie I actually had a reflection moment of when we (our economy) were in the mist of the bubble before it burst. Ben and I went to look at some new homes being built around the corner from our neighborhood. The houses were starting at $200,000.00. I asked the sales agent what is the average salary of people buying these homes. He stated, $40,000.00. Okay, I don't claim to be a math genius, but the numbers he was giving me did not make since at all. Yeah, bananas! See, but that was what was going on. "They" were selling the American dream, only to have people lose it a couple of years later.

7. I don't praise criminal activity, but seriously, the activity of these CEOs and Wall Street made Tony Montana look like a saint!

Look, I could go on and on about this movie. I mean, I literally watched it 3 times and it was just as scary each time. At this time I am really at a loss of what should be done next. I think our government is at a point of no return. A line was said in the movie that says it best, "We have a Wall Street government".

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