Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear Damita,

This is hilarious!!! I swear my apple picks are so, so timely! It was just on a whelm that I picked 2 picks today. I hadn't picked in a while, so I decided to do two today.
I appreciate so much that you are in my life. We don't talk everyday and we catch up with each other when we can, but just like yesterday, I can call you and you show me the "bigger picture". My head space was so cloudy, but you helped me to clear it and move forward. Thank you!
But it was one day when I told you I had a passion for event planning and this idea about Brown Sugah Mama Events. You were like, "I'm in!" Thanks for taking this journey with me while I/we figure it all out. It's been a minute since we have organize and created an event, but I know there are great things to come for Brown Sugah Mama Events.

What was it, "Sugar, Shit, Sharp?" Yeah, I'm going to do that! LOL!

Love you sister!

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